The Volcel Blog



The purpose of this blog for discussing thoughts, ideas, and feelings in regards to “volcel” life and other related lifestyles. Other topics such as morality, ethics, religion, and maybe even politics will be discussed with the intention of keeping an open mind. The discussions are intended to be open for all and will remain respectful to all sides. Since this is a “hobby” blog, there won’t be regular posts.

This blog will have a secular & humanist bias, but that doesn’t mean other perspectives which don’t fit into these categories will be discarded. In the contrary, the discussion of other perspectives will be the point of this blog.


But why create such a blog in the first place? This first post is intended to be a short one, so put briefly;

Groups which gather around celibacy and likewise traits spend too much time and energy on hating others and being miserable (this isn’t a mis-characterization; wizchan’s 2nd most popular board is the depression board). This blog is intended to focus on peace & serenity and also self-improvement & confidence in a life without long-term partners.

This blog will be written from the perspective of those who look up to Newton and Tesla; people who want to be great and not be anchored down by the psychological needs of our apish minds. Whether you agree or disagree with this sentiment, I hope that you’ll find value in these writings. This blog will be copied to an independent “introduction” page.tesla_circa_1890

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