Defining Some Terms


Since the discussion in this blog will be revolving around the topic of volceldom, it’s useful to define what a volcel is.

Defining Terms

Before talking about what a “volcel” is, we need to define the “incel”.


While the origin and recent history of “inceldom” is interesting, it won’t be delved into in this page. It’s important to mention that it started on reddit as a subreddit (which does not happen that often) which got banned in 2017. Now incels are either on the main incels forum, or the braincels subreddit.

Incel is not a category for people to be placed in. Like with religion, you need to identify as an incel to become an incel. It’s an ideology without pioneers, so to define it one must consider what the average incel is like. From these characteristics, we can derive who counts as an incel and who doesn’t. The following are said characteristics of an incel:

  • Self-identifies as an incel. One can’t be an incel without calling themselves as such.
  • Wants to have an intimate relationship, but can’t. Contrary to popular belief, many incels do have sex but with hookers. In that sense they are not actual celibates.
  • Is self-loathing. Incels think they can’t find intimate partners because of their looks/height, or their personality.
  • Hates society or women. Being frustrated about the situation they’re in, incels will often make vile statements about woman and/or society in general.

With this in mind, a Volcel can be defined.


Volcel is someone who does not try to have sex, or find intimate partners. Unlike inceldom, volceldom is not a movement by it’s own. There are sub-groups which can call themselves volcels, but “volcel” is not an identity or an ideology by itself. That being said, there are people who call themselves “volcel” and end it there.

People become volcels for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons are:

  • Religion. Usually waiting for marriage.
  • Too busy for a full-fledged relationship. Deciding that career/study/etc triumphs over intimate relationships.
  • Not worth the time and energy. People who are content with their own company.

To expand further on the last reason; some people (but not all of them who fall into the 3rd category) may find their looks and/or personality repulsive, and decide to not chase a relationship at all. Since these people don’t want to have an intimate relationship and also don’t identify as incels, they’re considered volcels and not incels.

There are different volcel movements. The point of this blog is to point out the shortcomings of some of these movements and groups.